My Story

I’m Kristen and Seelanii Lingerie is my small buisness that I run by myself. Everything, from the starting idea to the finishing touches, is made in my small, home studio in Wrocław, Poland. I started in late 2020 after years of sewing for myself and friends, hoping to create carefully designed collections and beautiful items to cherish.

By supporting my brand you support sustainable and slow fashion. You support the tradition of constructing and crafting garments by hand. You support a brand that is focused on quality every step of the way instead of mass production.


All packaging is plastic free. All items are sent in cardboard boxes and tissue paper. All scrap fabrics and threads are recycled into pillow stuffing or other art projects.

When possible, natural fibre materials are used. All materials are sourced from local small businesses and are mostly made in Europe. Many fabrics and lace used are deadstock or reporpoused fabrics.

Because each garment is made to order, I can produce exactly what’s needed. No sellable garments get wasted and careful, conscious consumption is encouraged. Bespoke orders using second hand and vintage fabrics are possible, so you can give your garments another life.


Using high quality, durable materials that are comfortable and functional is always a priority when designing garments.

Every new piece of lingerie starts with a pattern drafted by hand which is then tested on various body types. Finished garments are thoroughly inspected before shipping. I purposefully put a 3 week realization time so that no garment is made in a hurry. This is essential to high quality, precise sewing.

Every collection is extremely limited in size, counting from 20 to 50 pieces of lingerie. It’s important to me that your lingerie is truly unique. This also means nearly every piece can be customized or made to suit your indvidual measurements.