Use a tailor’s measuring tape to measure. You can also use a long piece of yarn or something similar and then measure the length with a ruler.

Measure your full bust (A) naked, or if you have sloped breasts or breasts that lay low over the underbust measurement, wear a soft bralette that doesn’t add volume but lifts them. We want a measurement of all the tissue, not just a part of it, so that as a result we don’t get a cup that’s too small. Place the measuring tape at the apex of your breast and be careful not to squeeze or compress the breast tissue.

Make sure the measuring tape is always parallel to the floor and not higher or lower in the back, except when measuring the high bust.

A- fullest part of the bust

B- ribcage (underbust), just under the bust

C- narrowest point of the waist, above the navel

D- widest part of hips

E- fullest part of bum

F- high bust measurment, above breasts



If you cannot find your size, please contact me and I will likely be able to make your size. The table is not a guarantee that the bra will fit correctly, as brafitting can be complicated. My sizing it pretty standard, you may be able to just order your regular size.

Cup Size

The first left column represents the band sizes, as calculated in the section above. The top row represents the cup sizes. To find your combination of band and cup size find your full bust measurement in this table.
For example, a size 70C (32C) full bust measurement ranges from 87-89.5 cm (34-35 in). Make sure to take your measurements correctly, as instructed in the beginning.


centimeters (EU)

inches (UK/US)


If you are in between sizes, for example your waist is 68cm (27″) and you’re not sure if the size S or M would suit you better, please choose either size and insert your waist measurement into the order notes. I will then make a custom size for you.

You can also choose a size even if you are between sizes taking into consideration the following points:

– Take into consideration how much softness you have around your waist. For a firmer, more muscular waist or a waist that has very little fat tissue I would recommend choosing the larger size, and for softer waists, with more fat tissue, little muscle or delicately built I would take the smaller size.

– How tight do you like things around your waist? A suspender belt will generally hold up your stockings better and gently shape your waist if it is tighter around the waist but it is not worth sacrificing comfort if you like a little more breathing room. A suspender that is too tight will dig in and cause bulging.